Sunday, January 8, 2017

Day 2: Full STEAM ahead

Robot Design is Beginning
We started brainstorming designs and working through solutions to our strategy goals. A bunch of sketches were done today for various parts of our robot design. There is a ton of things to in this game and it's going to be a lot of fun. We moved a few of prototypes into 3D as well but they are still a work in progress. We should be getting our first shooter and drive train models finished up over the next couple days.

Completed Loading Station
We had a group of students working on field construction today and finished this awesome loading station. We also have started the team version of the Lift and a mock version of the real lift as well. If you are going for the gears you may want to try building a moving version of the lift. We think building a version of the lift that is able to be activated will be a big help to teams and it's not a very complicated part. 

Tip of the Day:
The loading stations are going to be asymetrical for wide robots. Keep this in mind especially when loading gears into your robot.

- Spectrum

“Random Results are the Result of Random Procedures” Geoffe Portes

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