Saturday, October 1, 2016

Versaplanetary Bolts

As we prepare for the upcoming season we realized we needed more bolts for mounting versaplanetaries and motors. We found most of them from, they often have 15-30% off coupons making buying from them even cheaper. The chart below shows all the bolts we believe we might need when using VPs and 775pros.

Versaplanetary and Motor Mounting Bolts
10-321/2LowBlack Oxide100$10.48$0.10Mounting to < 1/4"
10-323/4LowBlack Oxide100$10.93$0.11Mounting to ~1/4"
10-321LowBlack Oxide50$8.21$0.16Mounting to ~1/2"
Versaplaentary Assembly Bolts
8-320.5SocketBlack Oxide100$8.56$0.09Motor Plate to VP
8-320.875SocketBlack Oxide100$10.23$0.101:1 VP - No Stages
8-321.25SocketBlack Oxide100$13.58$0.141 Stage VP
8-321.75SocketBlack Oxide100$21.37$0.212 Stage VP
8-322.25SocketBlack Oxide25$9.89$0.403 Stage VP
8-322.5SocketBlack Oxide25$4.82$0.193 Stage VP
8-322.75SocketBlack Oxide25$6.42$0.264 Stage VP
775 pro mounting bolts
M4x0.710mmSocketMetric Blue50$4.33$0.09775pro Screws
Versaplaentary Set Screw
10-323/16Set ScrewAlloy Steel50$4.76$0.10Set Screw

- Spectrum

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  1. Great list ! I placed an order of screws to get ready for FIRST season.


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