Friday, February 6, 2015

Day 34: A good day of tests

The last few days had been uneventful. We had some failed tests and we have been working through some potential solutions. Tonight we tested one of the solutions which was to add reduction to our arm to make it harder to back drive. We also increased the amount of counter balance using two 30lb gas springs. We tested it tonight and we're very pleased with the results.

Several of the features still have limited testing but overall we're very pleased

The arm tilt mechanism allows us to tip back a tall stack of totes to prevent them from falling and allow for easier stacking.

The recycling container righting is one of the mechanisms we have been a bit unsure of. We have prototyped it but we weren't sure how well it would work, tonight's were 100% successful. We'll try to break it and improve over the next couple weeks. The traction materiel used on the bottom of the mechanism is cut surgical tubing.

- Spectrum

"Once an innovation is implemented it is no longer innovative." - Jack Anderson, Chevron

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