Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This Week in FRC Sep 15th - 21st

Regional Dates and FRC Registration

Most of the regional dates are now official and FRC Registration opens on Thursday (Sep 26).

For Texas teams here are the important dates:
Here is a list of the Texas Events and dates
Week 1 - Dallas Regional Feb 25th-28th
Week 3 - Alamo Regional (San Antonio) Mar 11th-14th
Week 5 - Hub City Regional (Lubbock) - Mar 26th - 28th
Week 6 - Lone Star Regional (Houston) - Apr 1st-4th

Other event that Texas teams are likely to attend.
Week 2 - Arkansas Rock City Regional (Little Rock) Mar 4th-7th
Week 4 - Bayou Regional (New Orleans) Mar 18th-21st
Week 5 - Oklahoma Regional (OKC) Mar 26th - 28th

Behind The Lines

Our friends over at GameSense have been very busy. They have partnered with FRC Headquarters to bring a new series called Behind The Lines. This series starts tomorrow so be ready at 8pm ET / 7pm CT. You can watch at

Wednesday Night = FRC Night

With Behind the Lines at 7pm CT, and Simbot Seminar Series at 8pm CT, Wednesday nights are now officially FRC Nights.

Inter-District Play

The big announcement out of headquarter's last week was Inter-District Play will be in for the 2015 season. This only affects the District teams but this is a move in the right direction.

Off-Season Events

There were 6 off-season events around the country but not much in the way of videos or results have been posted.

Of the 6 only the Capital City Classic has results on TBA. Congratulations to the winning alliance of FRC#1678, FRC#2122, & a pre-rookie team 9073.

Robowranglers 148: #X009

If you haven't checked out the Robowranglers prototype drive train document, it's worth a read. JVN and team have been documenting their entire design process and it's extremely insightful. You can read the full document here. They're currently integrating the Beta test hardware into their design.

- Spectrum

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