Thursday, March 20, 2014

Inside Infrared: The Back Panel

 One of the features we are most proud of on Infrared is our back panel. It integrates our launcher and all of our pneumatic system. It also has a place for our instrumentation panel.

Starting at the top is location for our launcher bar to mount. Below that is a radio mount that uses the screw mounts on the back of the radio along with Velcro straps to secure it. The Velcro straps also secure the radio power connector so it doesn't come loose.

Below the radio is the second shaft is the intermediate shaft for the launcher it takes the first stage reduction and moves power to both sides of the launcher to keep them even.

Below that shaft is the mounting location for three of our air tanks. 

On the right side we have our pneumatic controls, it includes all three of our gauges and both our regulators along with our vent valve. The pneumatic instrumentation is mounted with the regulator mounting nuts.

To the right of the pneumatic instrumentation is our tether port, voltage display and main breaker.

The tether port that we use is a common keystone connector for use in a wall or similar home installation. We purchased our from Amazon. Then there is just a small Ethernet cable that runs up to the router from this panel.

The voltage gauge is a simple two wire voltage gauge that plugs into the same breaker location that use to power our LEDs off of a terminal strip. We bought them from overseas to get them cheaper.

The power switch is mounted on stand offs so it's recessed. It's very easy for a hand to turn on or off the robot but it is nearly impossible for any object or robot to accidentally hit the power switch.

- Spectrum

“Good design is often invisible, but it can contribute to reshaping the way our society works.” - John Maeda

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