Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 43: It's really pretty

We have spent way more time making sure that everything on this robot is in the right place and looks good this year. Last year we had a lot of little issues because something would come unplugged or get plugged in to the wrong place. That won't be happening this year.

We're also doing 15 hour days today and tomorrow. Last little bit of time with the competition robot before we put it in the bag.

That's just a small corner of the robot, the theme this year is #AllWhiteEverything

We're pretty sure we are going to be slightly over weight like 121lbs after we add the MiniCIMs and 2" wide traction wheels to the robot at our first event (we're withholding them so we don't have to buy spares). So we are going to have to go on a small diet and remove some less needed things here and there.

The first day of our open lab / practice day was a very big success. We had two rookie teams and three veteran teams in our shop today working on their robots. Some of the teams need help with construction and others just need a place where they can stay late to finish their robot. We're happy to help either way. The last weekend push is hard no matter what, and we're happy to make it a little easier for some teams.

- Spectrum

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