Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 15: Robots and Rookies

 We put together as much of the chassis as we could. This one ways about 50lbs as shown here. The real one will be lighter as some of the main components will be .09 aluminum instead of .125 and we will have more lightening holes.

We pressed in PEM nuts using a hammer and a punch. We're not sure how long these will hold but we're hoping for minor things like speed controllers this should be enough.

Today we hosted team 5287 from Community Christian School in Orange, TX. We helped them put together a model of Ri3D Boom Done's El Toro Collector using scrap material that we had. There students will be able to build their own version now that they've better seen how it's done.

We talked a lot more about our launcher mechanism and how we should build supports for it. We're pretty happy with the concept we have going and should be able to get CAD versions of it put together pretty quickly.

- Spectrum

“The thing I remember best about successful people I've met all through the years is their obvious delight in what they're doing and it seems to have very little to do with worldly success. They just love what they're doing, and they love it in front of others.”  - Fred Rogers

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