Monday, January 30, 2012

Build Day 24

It was a short day, Monday's seem shorter than most for some reason.

Even though we don't have the jaguars yet, we crimped all the ring terminals for the Jaguars today. The screw terminals on the jaguars should be replaced by WAGO connectors so we can get rid of our normal crimp tool. Those crimps never seem as strong as the Anderson connector crimps.

More work was done on the different brackets that will be on the robot. The mounting plates for the camera, signal light and radio all began construction and will need to be painted tomorrow.

The base plate was mounted on to the robot and we made holes for zip ties so are wires can be nice and organized. Organized wires make the robot look so much nicer and makes maintenance a breeze.

The programming team is getting ready to start ramping up there development cycles since they will be able to test with the real thing.

By the weekend we should be fully functional and testing. The mechanical team will begin making the spare/practice parts for the robot.

A quick run down of our motor setup.

Drive = 4x CIM motors through CIMple boxes with 12:36 gearing we will be around 11fps
Collector = 1x Banebots 550 though P60 16:1 possibly geared up to drive the roller faster
Elevator = 1x Banebots 550 through P60 16:1 possibly geared down for more torque
Shooter = 2 x Fisher Price 0673 in a CIM-sim, geared a little above 1:1 depending on the max distance we want to shoot
Shooter Tilt = 1 x Kit Window Motor
Bridge Device = 1 x Either a AndyMark PG71 or Van Door Motor either way geared down for more torque

That puts us at 10 motors total, 9 will be running off Jaguars and the Bridge device will be on a spike. We also have sensor feedback for each motor, there is not an open loop system on our robot.

This game is going to come down to practice and programming.

- Allen Gregory

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