Saturday, March 30, 2024

Day 77: Warm Spares and Pre-Houston Updates

 One of our goals coming out of Belton was to swap any major control system component with as little downtime as possible. To achieve this, we have created our Warm Spares Bin. This bin allows us to have pre-configured control system devices, where we can upload the latest code to MicroSD cards, and set CAN IDs of replacement devices while the original is being removed.

This bin is a collection of every configurable control system component on our robots and several spare microSD cards, already imaged, set team number, and code deployed as the latest pre-event build. We power the box using one of our normal robot batteries, with a light switch to switch it on and a 30A ATM fuse.

Additionally, we made an active CAN bus, with firmware updated for each of our CAN device types and licenses assigned to both 3847 and 8515. This includes a Falcon, Kraken, CANivore, CANcoder, Pidgeon 2.0, and LaserCAN. We have additional unregulated, 5V, and 12V power available for any additional devices needing configuration or offboard testing.

Houston Upgrades

Here is a list of things that are different from Belton to Houston:

  • New LEDS on old Climber Bar

  • Total of 4 Limelights for better pose estimation

  • Fully Metal Gearbox instead of 3D-Printed on Intake

  • New Intake rollers

  • Sector on Launcher Gear is steel instead of aluminum

  • Launching using vision, no longer using setpoints

  • Completly redigned climber to get trap mechanism higher above the lower lip

  • More refined amp trap

  • Using Elastic dashboard instead of Shuffleboard.

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