Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 21: Ice Day low of 28 degrees in Houston

We had an ice day today so no school. Many of the Houston overpasses were iced over this morning. This only happens every 2 or 3 years, but when it does we overreact a bit, especially compared to what most people from the northern half of the country deal with for several months out of the year. We still met after school since by then the roads had thawed out and much of the traffic had gone down.

We learned that our Mecanum wheels wouldn't be getting to us till Monday so we decided to put the drive train together using Omni wheels instead for a Butterfly type drive train. We definitively understand why some of the powerhouse teams (148, 217, etc) have used this drive train in the past. It is so smooth and practically anyone can drive it well. Hopefully when we get drive centric control working with the mecanum wheels we will like that even more.

We'll have video up tomorrow of the robot driving around. Here's the latest CAD file, and you can see the collection mechanism CAD is coming along nicely.

- Spectrum

"When given a choice, choose the thing that scares you a little. If it's 100% safe, it is holding you back." - Jeff Atwood

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