Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 13: Sheet Metal

We finished the CAD for our chassis and a few other parts yesterday and one of our seniors who interned with our sponsor Solarcraft was able to go to their facility and cut and bend our chassis tonight.

Collin with the chassis he just cut and bent

We worked on a few more prototypes including a pneumatic catapult and a wheeled shooter. The motor-driven catapult is still the most promising but we have some ideas for the others that may make them win out in the end.

We will have most of the items we need to make our drive train tomorrow afternoon except for a few pieces from VEXpro. This weekend should be full of assembly and more prototype testing; we are working on gathering as much information about the prototypes as we can so that when we build the real version we can know it will work well.

- Spectrum

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