Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 12: Trussing

Tonight we finally started having success with one of our shooting mechanisms. We were able to score in the high goal and truss with this shooter.

This shooter is heavily inspired by Dr. Joe Johnson and the Boom Done Robot in 3 Days team. It currently is running 3 CIM motors in a VEX single speed (5.33:1), a 15t to 30t sprocket reduction, and a final 12t to 22t sprocket reduction. These are just the items we had on hand, and we will hopefully be optimizing this over the coming weeks.

We have been working on this for over a week now, and we strongly believe that having a shooter with multiple shot trajectories will be key to making good clean passes over the truss.

Our chassis is going to be laser cut and bent tomorrow. Our sponsors had a big project that they had to get finished tonight so we couldn't get any time on the laser, so tomorrow one of our students will go to Solarcraft and run the laser and press brake to make all of our parts.

We are finalizing the "Sipping Bird" collector. It's based off this version, but now all of the motors will be contained inside the robot and both roller assemblies are independent.

We still have a few other shooter prototypes to test before we make our final decision.

- Spectrum

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