Thursday, May 6, 2021

Gamma Ray 2021: Week 3 & 4

 This has been a much slower build. We are only meeting in person on weekends and CAD development has slowed as students prepare for AP tests.

In Week 3 we were able to get our new router setup to drill hole patterns in tubes and used our laser cutter to cut our belly pan.

With rails cut and a belly pan, we were able to assemble the chassis for our practice drive train.

In Week 4 we were able to add electronics and mounting to our practice drive train and get it wired up.

We also mounted some temporary bumper corners to the chassis so we can easily use this for programming and driver testing.

The competition chassis was also advanced to the belly pan and rails. We have one of the swerve modules for the competition robot assembled and should get more of the other 3 done this week.

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