Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Gamma Ray 2021: Week 2


Spectrum was recognized as one of the FIRST in Texas District Chairman’s Award teams. We had one of our students from 3847 and one of our students from 8515 advance to the District Champions Dean’s List round.

Congratulations to all the teams

Subsystem Updates

OnShape Feature Scripts

Here are some of the feature scripts we have been using on this robot to help us generate parts faster.
Laser Joint

  • Creates the finger joints that we often use with laser cut parts

  • Video

T-Slot Joint

Advanced Gear

  • Creates Spur, Helix, and Double Helix gears

Shaped Flange

  • Allows you to make a flange from a sketch profile, and can also offset the flange easily so you can make “Bend Outside” parts nicely.

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