Thursday, February 6, 2020

2020 Day 33: Losing Weight

We have been finding places we can remove weight from our robot. We need the weight to fit our climber on and possibly add more motors to our shooter.

  • Weight savings
    • Change Flex Wheels to pool noodles - ~1lb
    • Remove roller (3 to 2) - ~1lb
    • Remove VPs in Funnel and remove one NEO 550, move to belt and crossed poly cord belt
    • Look into nylon bushing instead of bearings on some of the rollers/belts.
    • Remove VP from the tower and switch to Falcon with 8t pinion (can't get 8t on NEO, don't want to press on 9t, need too much reduction for NEO550)
    • Fairlanes in accelerator wheels move to stealth wheels
    • Remove VP from buddy climb and use 6t NEO 550 pinion
    • 1/16" wall square/rectangle tube change to 0.04" and 0.05" vex Versaframe.

Here is a video of a very quick drill powered pool noodle intake test.


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