Tuesday, February 4, 2020

2020 Day 30 & 31: Super Bowl Watching and Robot Building

Chairman's Award and Woodie Flowers Award Submissions Due this Week.

The Chairman's Award essay and questions and the Woodie Flower's Award essay are due Thursday, so we are hard at work on finalizing our submission.

Please take the time to write an essay nominating one of your mentors. Not just for the hope of winning the award but because choosing a mentor each season and writing an essay about all the ways they help you is a great way to show your appreciation. Give them a signed copy, or read it to them at your end of year party; anything to show you appreciate how much time and work they put into helping you be a better person.

Super Bowl Watch Party

We had our annual Spectrum Super Bowl watching party event thing.
Students playing Tetris and watching the Super Bowl. Allen sorting bolts :)
(Allen: Mostly during commercials, I was also watching the game)

Ball Tracking Progress

Made a bit more progress on ball tracking for auton.

Robot Testing

We finished wiring and getting basic code on our ProtoBot. We quickly added two cylinders to the top of the tower after a few promising tests of stopping the balls at the top.

Here is our first test of the full intake, funnel, and tower together. We are very excited that we can load 3 balls into the tower nicely. The PVC pipes and slightly under tensioned timing belt allow the belts to slip across the middle ball and not jam it forcefully into the top one.

We were able to quickly get some PIDF values set up on our Falcon Shooter with the help of our OpenAlliance friends BOB319 and were able to test the full ball path from ground to goal. 

There are still a lot of changes to be made to the design before we produce the competition robot. We are also looking at cutting weight before we add the climber, buddy climb, and color wheel. The robot in that video weighs 96lbs, we aren't going to have much room to spare.

More photos and videos are in the gallery as always. 


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