Saturday, January 16, 2016

Day 8: Defensive Breakdown

Today we decided to step back and re-evaluate our kickoff design and strategy, resulting in a scrap of our previous design.  For the rest of the day we completed various projects and began a couple new ones. 

We decided on an 8 wheel drive train using 200mm pneumatic wheels.  
Deciding that the rock wall and moat were the most important defenses regarding the drive train, we used CAD to find the best wheel placements to cross them.

CAD drawing of the current drive train rails, which we will test later.
Anticipating a lot of strain on our drive wheel axles, we plan to test a 1114 Simbotics style wheel axle support system soon.
After the strategy discussion, we started testing possible shooters. 
Because we want to avoid the ball's spin inhibiting its trajectory during shooting, we decided to begin with a side-to-side shooter instead of a fly-wheel shooter.

 Finally finished off the last defense, the rough terrain.

After many mistakes and distractions, we managed to complete our last defense in the closing moments of the day.


"Talent is a flame.  Genius is a fire." - Bernard Williams

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