Sunday, January 10, 2016

Day 1: Slowing Down

Stronghold is finally here, in all of its complexity.

Despite this complexity, we plan to learn from our mistakes last year and take the design process much more slowly, being careful not to lock in a design too early.  We do not want another rebuild at Arkansas (despite the fun that we had doing it).

Our 113-day journey started by paying a visit to our neighbors at the Robert R. Shaw STEAM Center in Katy ISD. We caught up with old friends and watched the Kickoff Stream.  After getting our Kit of Parts, we returned to the lab for a few hours of reviewing the rules and brainstorming. After that, we broke into groups and started prototypes and field building.  In preparation for our mentor Allen Gregory's appearance on FRC Behind the Lines, we had built some shooter prototypes in the fall.  Today, we used one of these prototypes to get a head start on a possible design.  We also are in the process of prototyping a six-wheel drive train with 8-inch wheels of varying material (due to scarcity of resources).  

Field Building

Wheeled Shooter Prototype

Six-Wheel Drivetrain Prototype

For the past few years we have usually donated scrap to our Ri3D friends, team ORyon. However, this kickoff weekend we get the joy of opening up our space to them and hosting them. We're excited to help them out, and we hope they can give us some advice, too.

- Spectrum

"It takes two wings to fly." ~Eric Schaub

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