Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Build Day 32: Fixing more stuff

We were still in the fixing stage today but tomorrow we should be ready to go test our changes.

Today we finished putting the shooter back together, we're still working out the hood design to solve the problems that we noticed over the weekend. We also spring loaded our shooter bar so that the play that is inherent in the motor is taken out by the spring. This way our shoots are more consistent. We also fixed the problem of the polycord coming out of it's groove by fixing the one misaligned tread.

We were also working on sensor mounting, the potentiometer mount that we worked out was not keeping accurate angles so we moved to a much more secure mount. Getting accurate angle reading will be crucial to making accurate automated shots. We also mounted the limit switches for our bridge device so we can easily move it up and down with out problems.

We successfully tested the IR range sensors that will be controlling our collector and elevator. We are now able to get accurate distance measurements from them and stop the collector when the ball is at the sensor. We still need to test the algorithms that will keep us from jamming and will keep track of how many balls are in the collector.

We're also working on the practice robot, we are much closer to being able to assemble it.

- Allen Gregory

"Everyone you meet is better than you at something." - David Cain

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