Sunday, February 12, 2012

Build 37: Body Work, Robot #2, and Code

Mechanically the robot is very solid. We have some small modifications but the collector and shooter assembly are working really well. We reinforced the collector motor mount and that is taking a lot of play out of the collector chains. We are using #25 chain right now but if we have any problems we can switch to #35 very quickly. We have to do a bit of CG management to pull our weight forward but that shouldn't be to difficult. We still need a simple solution for the bridge manipulator that will work reliably.

We did some body work on the robot so that we can put logos and sponsors on. and to protect certain areas from flying balls. We still need to add our diver's mesh to the sides to do ball protection. We also still have to make our decals for our logo and sponsors.

The programming team is working on getting our beagle bone to talk with the cRIO, we should have more progress on that tomorrow. We still have a lot of automation system to get running and integrated but we're confident we can get it done. If we went to competition with the code that we have now, we would be very competitive but if we get all the automation working we will be even better.

The practice robot is actually starting to take shape we have most of the structure is finshed we just need to make all the small parts and mount the mechanisms. Shouldn't take that long hopefully we can have it ready for bag day to be able to make the change.

- Allen Gregory

"Teamwork, dedication and friendship have a lot of play in all factors of life, including a robot contest." - Damian Eveland

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