Saturday, January 28, 2012

Build Day 22: Start of Week 4

It seems like forever a go we were watching the kickoff presentation but it's already nearing the half way point of the build season.

We did most of the electrical layout today, tomorrow we will make all the wires for the robot. We will have to wait on a shipment of Jaguars that should arrive Monday before we can have the robot driving. We will also work on sensor mounts tomorrow.

We connected up the shooter to it's motor and made more progress on the shooter tilt/launch bar subsystem (we don't have a good name for this yet).

We started building the support for the side walls of our collector, we have to make the ball is funneled into the shooter at the same point each time we shoot.

The base piece, and some parts for the bumpers were painted. We will have to do touch up work towards the end of the build season but having the parts mostly painted before assembly is going to make it much easier to make our robot look professional.

Here are some of test shoot from last weekend, keep an eye on this channel for more video updates.

- Allen Gregory

“Diligence is the mother of good luck” - Benjamin Franklin

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