Thursday, February 3, 2022

Everybot Alternatives, Changes, and Checklist

 Photon 8515 is building an Everybot

Last season we created our development team FRC#8515 Photon to allow our new students a chance to have more hands-on experience during the season and get to compete at 2 district events with the robot they are building.

They are using the Everybot 2022 Design and making minor adjustments based on the way that Spectrum often designs and builds robots. Several Spectrum mentors and alumni went through the Everybot CAD and build documentation and worked out some alternatives and possible changes to the build that may work for some teams.

We also have begun making a document that lists the things we think are important to check on your Everybot 2022 to ensure it will be able to compete fully in every match.

Before we link to the documents we have a couple disclaimers. Please head these warnings, it is recommended that most teams follow the Everybot Build Documentation as closely as possible to replicate the result they showed in the reveal video. 


  • The listed alternatives are all options that may work but haven’t been tested.
  • These are most useful if you already have some items on hand and would like to use them without ordering new things due to budget constraints.
  • You will likely need to make other modifications to the build instructions, other parts of the robots, software, etc if you use any alternatives that aren’t listed in the official Everybot BOM. The Everybot team nor Spectrum will be able to support many of these possible alternatives.
  • Don’t make substitutions unless you are confident you understand the other changes needed to the design.

Fabrication Ideas

  • None of these changes have been tested and they are not recommended by the Everybot team.
  • If you choose to make them you likely won’t have support from them since they don’t know how they are supposed to work.
  • These changes are thoughts that Spectrum mentors and alumni believe may improve the Everybot 2022 and make it easier for our new students to build. We won’t know for sure until we complete the build which won’t be for many weeks.

- Spectrum

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