Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Design Review Comp Week 2 - Dripping Springs Debrief

Debrief and Design Review

The design review and debrief slides are below. For our first event, we wanted to keep things simple and straight forward.

Our plans included.
- 3 Ball Autonomous that could push one or two robots off the initiation line and then get us ready for telop.
- Quick cycles to the initiation line area when possible or the tench-run when needed. It was okay to shoot 3 to 5 balls per cycle.
- Climb every match

We did most of these well, our omni-wheels breaking due to side impacts was an unexpected hurdle that will have resolved before our next event. There were many matches where we were limping along due to these issues.

Moving forward we plan to iterate and improve our machine, get more rigorous driver practice, and improve our auton scoring. We are also stopping development on the buddy climb after seeing several failed attempted climbs by other teams that had similar designs to ours.

Design review #9 1.PNG
Design review #9 2.PNG
Design review #9 3.PNG
Design review #9 4.PNG
Design review #9 6.PNG
Design review #9 5.PNG
Design review #9 7.PNG
Design review #9 8.PNG

Notes from Dripping Springs

- We had a fantastic alliance with 1477 and 3240
- It's always great getting to work with Scott and 1477 they are one of the programs that we have been looking up to for many years. It was awesome to finally get to win an event with them.
- We have no idea how 3240 fell all the way to the 24th pick. We had them much higher in our scouting tiers. They had a great drive train (6 NEO Ball shifter) that was ready to play defense when asked and a drive team that was knowledgable and skilled to do it. They were also one of the few teams with a working control panel device and nearly got it done in several of our playoff matches. They were awesome to work with; taking advice and applying it quickly to get even better every match.
- The ball stuck in our drive train was a pain to get out. - https://www.chiefdelphi.com/t/the-long-shot/374718/113?u=allengregoryiv
- The volunteers and venue were awesome. April and Tim did a great job working with teams and getting through week 1 field issues.

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