Saturday, February 10, 2018

Day 34 & 35: Puncher Test

We were able to bench test our puncher concept today. 

This is uses fast McMaster solenoids, two 8" stroke 1.0625" bore cylinders, and an air tank before each solenoid. It shot the cube about 6ft above it's starting height. 

Note this setup doesn't currently have a way to retract the cylinders as nothing is plumbed to the retract ports which helps make the cylinders extend faster.

- Spectrum

"Imagination is the air of mind." - Philip James Bailey


  1. Why are you working on this concept right now? It seems like your intake works great; are you planning to add this feature to it?

  2. Yes we are planning to add the punch, its been in the main plan since the beginning. We have shown other prototype clips of it as well.

    1. I missed those somehow. I've seen your intake, climber and drive base. I guess I need to read more closely.


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