Sunday, January 21, 2018

Day 16: Virtual 4 Bar Intake Clips

Intake prototypes are finally running, took a little longer than we wanted with the ice days last week. It's working well for most cube orientations but we still aren't full go on this version of the intake. 


Grabbing a cube

Intaking a cube

Grabbing an 11" wide cube

More photos and videos are on our build season photo gallery,

We have the intake mounted on to our mock arm and will be testing tomorrow how well it works at an angle. We have some ideas for how to improve in-taking at a steeper angle or possibly reducing the angle. 

Other intake prototypes

If you're interested in other teams' intakes take a look at a quick playlist we put together of dozens of videos that show possible cube intake designs.

There isn't one perfect intake for every design find that one that integrates with the rest of your design. 


The CAD for the arm is coming together. 

- Spectrum

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