Monday, January 16, 2017

Day 9: Boot Camp Build Day

We opened up our lab to three teams from the area to come in and get assistance with the start of their seasons. We did a strategy and design talk in the morning to discuss the game. We looked at the different methods to easily score points, etc.

We worked with them to wire their electronics panels and assemble their AM14U frames.

All three of the teams are off to a good start and we looking forward to working with them throughout the year.

After the teams finished we had a build session to continue working on our prototypes. The shooter was transitioned to a drum shooter using the 1.25" OD aluminum tubing and latex tubing that we used last year for our intake. With a very small amount of compression (.125-.25) we are able to accelerate balls up to the goal.

Thank you to mentors from FRC#5829 and FRC#624 for joining us today at our workshop, we really appreciate the help.

If you haven't seen our friends FRC#5829's AwtyBots' Blog yet you have to check it out, they are doing great work this year.

- Spectrum

“The capacity to learn is a gift;
The ability to learn is a skill;
The willingness to learn is a choice.”
-- Dune: House Harknonnen, p. 437

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