Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 24: Drive Train CAD

The drive train CAD is nearly complete. We have been referencing a lot of 1114's designs this year and their awesome Solidworks tutorial videos as well.

We still have bumper mounts and a battery box to add to this before it is ready to be sent off to our fabrication shop, Solarcraft. Once we send it off for fabrication we'll post the CAD model to our Grabcad partner space. We discussed bumper mounting today and decided to use an idea from team 1983, Skunkworks, They used fixed clamps to clamp their bumpers in place on one of their prototype drive trains. We'll be supplementing this with bolts and PEM nuts but we want to make sure we have a quick and secure mounting system. We are taking extra steps this year to make sure our robot is as robust as possible. Rookie teams and 2nd year teams, please make sure you build a robust robot, a lot of things you could get away with last year will break on the field when you start jumping over defenses and hitting other robots. Make sure you bolt everything down and tighten all your bolts. Use lock nuts and/or thread locker on all your threaded fasteners.

- Spectrum

“Think left, and think right, and think low, and think high. Oh, the things you can think up, if only you try!” - Dr. Seuss

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