Monday, June 8, 2015

Spectrum LEDs

We are very happy to announce a new batch of resources that we are publishing, Spectrum LEDs (Luminous Educational Documents). Each LED will be a quick reference to some part of being an FRC team. Some of them will be very specific, some of them will be broad. The goal of these LEDs is to provide quick resources for teams to turn to when they need answers. Fill free to print them out and use them how you wish. We will printing them and giving out to teams at annual Mock Kickoff event each December. Some of the topics we plan to cover pneumatic and electrical components, WPILib common classes and methods, bolt sizes, and many more.

The first LED that we will be publishing is a quick reference to the 100+ Watt motors that have been legal the past few years.

We'll be posting more of these documents through out the year as we make them.

- Spectrum

“There's a big difference between not settling and not starting. “ - Seth Godin

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