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Banquet and TRI Planning Meeting June 13th

Planning Meeting, Ways you can help, District Events, etc
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Planning Meeting

May 13th 5:00pm

We will be holding a planning meeting for the Banquet and for the Texas Robotics Invitational on May 13th at 5pm. If you are interested in volunteering at TRI please try to attend this meeting, much of the volunteer work happens during the planning stages before the event.

Ways you can help

  • Concessions

  • Volunteer Food

    • Get Catered Food for the volunteered

  • Pre-order Lunches

    • Order food from Subway and pick up on June 20th

    • Assemble bags of chips and snacks before hand

    • Once food is at venue put them in bags and distribute to teams

  • Setup (June 19th)

    • Help put down the carpet

    • Setup the pits, field, and charging stations

  • Queuing (June 20th)

    • Making sure teams are ready for their matches
  • Drive rented truck with field to and from Ft. Worth June 25th-28th
  • Drive rented truck with field to and from Austin July 30th - Aug 1st
  • Plan or host a team bonding event
    • Party, Paintball, Sky Zone (trampoline park), etc
Starting Robotics Programs at Schools
  • Do you know of a school that should have a robotics team? We can help teach them about the different competition options available to them and help answer their questions. There are competitions and programs for K-12. If you know principals and teachers at other schools this can be big help to us.
Presenters and tours
  • We like bringing in engineers and scientists to the schools to speak. Do you know anyone who might be interested in coming to our schools and giving a talk about what they do?
  • Do you know of a corporation that we could tour. These opportunities give our members an idea of how engineers work?
  • Do you know of a company that may be able to help support the team? We have love sponsors that can help with manufacturing the robot, powder coating, or with costs for putting on some of our events, etc.
  • Are there opportunities that you know of us for the team to do demonstrations for the community? Parades, celebrations, conferences, etc are all good venues for the team to spread STEM to the community. Let us know about any potential events or demonstration venues.
  • Help get Spectrum in the news. Do you have any contacts in the media that can help us spread STEM and what we do to the community?

Texas Robotics Invitational

Texas Robotics Invitational (T.R.I.) will be held June 19th and 20th.  T.R.I. is the off-season event that we host each year in the Strake Jesuit Competition Gym.  We will have 32 teams participate at TRI.

To Do List - This is the working to do list for the event.

District Events

District events will hopefully replace the regional system in Texas in the 2017 season. We run off season events in a similar way as district events are run in other parts of the country. The biggest difference between a regional and a district competition is that there regional events have a production company helping to run them and the districts do not. Our goal for TRI this year and next year is to prepare us for hosting an official Texas FRC District Event in the 2017 season.

District Event Resources
District System FAQ 
District Planning Guide

Summer Dates

  • May 9th - Food Distribution Volunteering at Strake
  • May 21st - Spectrum Banquet
  • May 22nd-25th - Comicpalooza Demo
  • June 3rd - ISA Scholarship Night (Small Demo)
  • June 6th - End of Year Party (More information to come)
  • June 13th - Food Distribution Volunteering at Strake
  • June 19th-20th - Texas Robotics Invitational, Off-season event hosted at Strake Jesuit
  • June 25th - 28th - RoboReboot, Off-season event in Ft. Worth, fun off-season event, and six flags trip on Sunday.
  • July 11th - Food Distribution Volunteering at Strake
  • July 13th - 24th - SPECTaculaR Course at Spring Branch Boys and Girls Club, great way to get service hours
  • July 31st Aug 1st - Texas Robot Roundup, off-season event in Austin
  • Aug 8th - Food Distribution Volunteering at Strake
  • Labor Day Weekend - Off-season Event
There will be more dates added but these are the ones we know about now.
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