Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 12: Putting some new toys to work

As part of our move to our new lab, we got a CNC router and new 3D printer. Today we had them hard at work. We setup the router to put 1in on center holes in our 2x1 rectangular tubing to make ourselves some prototype versaframe pieces. The photo below shows our test setup into a piece of scrap 1x1 tubing. The long piece on the right is part of a clamping jig that ensure we clamp each piece perfectly square. One of our team members wrought some useful g-code that allows us to easily tell the router how many holes we want, where to start the pattern, etc. This will make working with the extrusion much easier.

Purple lights make everything cooler.

We are also 3d printing a spool that will be used with our powered tape measure to hopefully help us secure a few of the recycling containers off of the step.

We started laying out our electrical and pneumatics system today. We are building our robot closer to the pre-2013 size dimensions and it feels so nice and roomy in our belly pan compared to the last two years. 

We are getting our drive train parts in tomorrow and we should be able to be moving on Saturday at the latest. This drive train will be our prototype robot, it will get lots of holes drilled in it in random places and we'll tweak things before assembly starts on the real robot.

- Spectrum

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