Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last Week in FRC: Sep 22nd - 28th

Short post this week. We are working on the new lab and haven't had time to get much done.

All the information can be found here.

Now that the most important stuff is finished, on to the rest of the post.

Behind the Lines

Glenn Lee, Colin Fultz, & the Game Sense team did a great job on Behind Lines last Wednesday. If you missed it watch it here and download the presentation as well. FRC Behind the Lines

Registration Happened

Literally nothing to talk about, registration went just about perfectly. 

If you haven't noticed the Dallas Regional is STACKEDDDD this year, 118, 148, 624, 987, 1477, 2468, 2848, 3310, and we probably missed some . We sadly won't be participating but we'll be cheering on a whole lot of our friends, it's going to be some intense eliminations matches.

2nd Event Registration opens Oct 23rd. We're planning to register for Arkansas as our 2nd event, we are already registered for Bayou.

roboRIO Expansion Port Explained

The roboRIO Expansion port rules were cleared up a bit this week. Read the blog post for all the details.

Off-Season Events

The Fall Classic, IROC and RoboFest were this past weekend.

Full results for the Fall Classic are up on TBA. Congrats to 3476, 330 and 3476B on taking home the hardware.

Fall Classic Day 2: From FRC#3476's Twitter

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