Saturday, May 24, 2014

Comicpalooza Day 2

We had our biggest day of the weekend with 12 FRC teams represented and several VEX teams.

Teams in attendance
118 - Robonauts
624 - CRyptonite
1429 - KAOS
1477 - Texas Torque
2585 - Bellaire Robotics
2587 - DiscoBots
3103 - Iron Plaid
3335 - Cy-Borgs
3735 - Klein Bots
3847 -Spectrum
4587 - Jersey Voltage
5287 - FLARE

Students after playing Laser Tag

Father points out the robot action to his son

Klein Bots working on their robot

A view from behind the drivers

Introducing new people to FIRST

Children are ready to feed the bots and watch them score

Group Picture

Helping a wrestler with their workouts.
More photos are on our Flickr Page.

- Spectrum

“Creativity is the residue of time wasted.” - Albert Einstein

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