Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dallas Regional Recap

We competed in Dallas this past weekend. We finished with a 9-7 record overall and made it to the semi-finals. We were the 4th overall selection for eliminations and we got to play on an alliance with our friends FRC#231 and FRC#2950.

Here is the YouTube playlist for all of our matches this year.

Here is one of our favorite matches of the event.

Our launcher gave us problems all weekend. We practiced with 118 before the event and had very little problems with consistency or accuracy. When we were on the practice field at Dallas we could make shots just fine but when we would go out for a match our consistency was no where to be found. We will be working on changes to improve the shooter before Lone Star.

We also submitted for the Chairman's Award at this event. We had a great presentation but the award was eventually given out to our friends from the Woodlands FRC#1477 Texas Torque. They are one of the best teams in FRC and have deserved to be recognized for their efforts for many years. Below are our poster from our presentation and our feedback form from the judges. We have a lot of stuff to change before we present again at Lone Star in week 6.

- Spectrum

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