Friday, June 29, 2012

Spectrum Summer Workshop Series 2012

Summer Workshop Series 2012

This weeks marks the start of our first annual summer workshop series. We are spending 7 days learning about many different FRC concepts including the control system, programming in Java, and also Autodesk Inventor.

We invited a few other teams to join for these workshops as well. So far we have had members from four other teams attend our workshops.

We have uploaded the presentation files from the two workshops that are now complete. Please fill free to browse them and to send us any questions or feedback.

Control System*
Power Distribution*
*(Note they don't display properly with the online viewer, download them first to view them properly)

We have 6 more days to go. RSVP Here if you are interested in attending.

Engineering Links of the Week

One of our members made it on to HackaDay: 

- Spectrum

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